5 Tips For Starting your Private Eye career

detectiveatnight_jpg_w300h219_fullLots of people are interested exactly how private investigators (PI) get started in the career and think most were past police officers (and they’re right-a vast majority of PIs are past law enforcement officials). Reasonably speaking, most PIs enter into the career by either interning for an accredited private investigative company or by having retained an investigative rank inside of the military or police force. Most being a key word. There are lots of specific abilities inside of the surveillance business that do not call for such experiences (some PIs were former licensed public auditors [CPAs] and are skilled Continue reading

When Does Surveillance Become Stalking?

zgx18q63usfp2w3oMonitoring is a vital ability for all private investigators (PI). Inside our investigative company, over half our situations, from criminal defense to accidental injury, need some amount of monitoring. For PIs who focus on insurance policies or cheating investigations, surveillance might be the majority of their work. Continue reading

Programming Ethics?


Internet activist and New York Times best-selling writer of The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You, Eli Pariser is worried that information gatekeepers of history (i.e. editors/reporters) happen to be replaced by algorithms that independently modify data based on a number of factors that are now being gathered from you with or without your Continue reading